Fat Burning Furnace – What is It? Does it Work?

Fat Burning Furnace, by Rob Poulos, is among the more popular online weight loss programs. If 100,000 satisfied users is evidence, then one can say Rob has created an effective product. More than that, Rob was just another overweight guy without fancy credentials or special training. Meeting failure at every turn, frustrated with useless products, he set out to learn for himself the ‘secrets’ of losing weight.
His program is the culmination of experience, and testament to his journey.


* Fat Burning Furnace e-book: 158 pages, 8 parts, 32 sections, 44 subsections.
* Body fat analyzer: an online utility for analysis of body fat.
* Metabolic Rate Calculator: an online utility that calculates both metabolic rate [RMR] and optimum calorie intake for fat loss. Inputs are gender, height, weight, age, activity level.
* Advanced Workout Logs: 5 charts keep track of workouts and progress.
* 3 months email coaching, 1 year of free updates.
* Cost $40 [Ultimate Package]

Blowtorch Upgrade: training Manual, 21 pages in 2 parts, plus 7 online videos, covers high-intensity exercises for the whole body. Cost $30.

Complete Package: cost $70

60 day refund guarantee


Fat Burning Furnace is organized around the most important principle known for safe weight loss… optimization of the metabolism for fat burning.

The program is well organized, easy to follow, written in a down-to-earth style. It is also comprehensive: every topic related to weight loss is covered in detail.
There are too many to list. Examples: Benefit From My Mistakes; Why “Diets” Don’t Work; Secrets of Proper Nutrition; Organics, Glycemic Index, and PH; Fueling Your Fat Burning Furnace; Get a Handle on Your RMR; Total Fat Loss and Fitness for a Lifetime; Muscle Magic; The High-intensity Fat Loss Solution, Secrets of Proper Exercise; The Magic of Water; Think and Burn Fat.

There can hardly be any doubt that Fat Burning Furnace works, for people who are seriously committed to losing weight. But I would note again that a lack of serious commitment is the principal reason many people do not achieve their weight loss goals. Seldom is any particular program the reason for failure. People must realize that there is no panacea for overweight, no pill or potion they can buy that will get them “fast weight loss”. Losing weight demands commitment, effort, and time. There is no way around it, despite what the snake oil salesmen of the industry would have us believe. For some it’s a bitter pill. But less bitter than the alternatives.


Clearly Rob Poulos has done much research to consolidate an impressive product. I recommend Fat Burning Furnace for 4 reasons:

1] It is based on sound principles and techniques. No fad diets, pills, or other gimmickry.
2] The author makes no ridiculous claims. No nonsense about “miracles” or “quick weight loss”.
3] The course, in my opinion, achieves a superior balance of diet and exercise. The author’s innovative techniques are probably quite effective.
4] It has a personal, empathetic, engaging quality that inspires and encourages. The reader gets a comfortable sense of guidance from someone who was there himself, someone who discovered solutions for his weight problem through effort and hard experience. It is an accomplishment not every professional can claim

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